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Our mission is raising financial support for the education, vocation, health and welfare of youth and young adults in Rwanda.

Why Is This Mission So Important?

Acccording to the most frequent salary in Rwanda is $484 per year. Someone having a Bachelors degree has an average salary of $17,285 per year

"Leadership and learning are indespensable to each other ."

John F. Kennedy

"Four things that move you out of poverty are employment ,education,relationships of bridging social capital and /or a future story." Ruby K. Payne,Ph.D

"Spiritual recources provide a person with a future story which gives him/her hope for the future." Ruby K Payne Ph.D.

Tumba College of Technology (Kigali, Rwanda) has graduated 2000 students since 2007 and of those students 70% are employed

""No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship." Dr. James Comer

"Schools are virtually the only places where students can learn the choice and rules of the middle class."


"My heart is now full of joy because my dreams of getting master's degree are coming true! I hope this is a way for me to go ahead with my wish to get the ability to be one who could play a great role in this world through providing first aid for the people who are suffering" Pastor Samuel (student)

"My tables is very busy as you see, architecure was my dream, now I have start my journey of being architect this is all belong to God who has done more to me to recovered my hope by using you,that reason why I put a lot energy to achieve my ambitions" Eric (student)

"I humbly and kindly write this letter wishing you all the best.  I feel wanted to proceed with my university studies.Today in Rwanda a girl who did not go to the university is useless and has no value  I beg you my friends do a favor and support my university studies" Denyse (student)

"May God be with you and your family always,this is a great thing you've done to me! You can't understand how I'm happy now. Mozes (student).

"Right now I am at school everything is going well here but its because of lovely heart and kindness God had put in his own created people.  I thank you very much for your help." Alex (student)

"Me also as teacher I feel very happy when I see a student who has a need receive it.  Now I am very happy our students will study well. But continue to pray because there are many students who need to be helped." Josias (teacher)

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