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Meet Our Team

Rwanda JOY is a small organization, led with a lot of heart. In 2014 Pastor Boyd and his wife Shirley went to live in Rwanda for six months.  This was part of a partnership that was started in 2006 between churches of Rwanda and Pennsylvania.  While there they got to know and love the kind and generous people of Rwanda. They also became aware of the poverty and many needs of especially students.  There was a boy that would show up at their home throughout the day selling beautiful handcrafted art by his village people. Shirley's cousin asked her why this boy could come so often when he was in school.  They investigated and found he was not in school because he could not afford it. Shirley's cousin became our first sponsor and Patrick continues to go to school.  Boyd became aware of more students and found sponsors for them.  RwandaJOY was thus born as a charity in July of 2016.

Our Board

President/Treasurer - Reverend Boyd Edmondson  (better know as daddy in Rwanda)

Founder of Rwanda JOY, Pastor Boyd is recently retired from his leadership of two churches in rural Pennsylvania.  In addition to his role as a Pastor, Boyd also has a love for art and holds an Art Education degree.  Boyd and his wife Shirley have traveled to Rwanda numerous times as well as having lived in Gitarama for six months.  During his travels to Rwanda Boyd spends much of his time visiting with current students as well as interviewing potential new students. Not only does Boyd actively work to help these students receive much needed sponsorship, but he takes an active role as a mentor and spiritual leader to many of these young men and women.

Vice President - Susan   (know as mama, aunty or grandmother in Rwanda)

A retired special education teacher, vacation bible school teacher, choir member, and active church volunteer, Susan is driving force at Rwanda JOY. Susan is passionate not only about providing an education for the children in Rwanda, but also being a mentor and friend to these students.  Susan has traveled to Rwanda many times, and continues to make the trip when possible.  Visiting these current and prospective students is an important part of helping Rwanda JOY to stay in touch with the current needs of their students.

Partners in Rwanda

As our board members reside in the United States, a crucial element of this mission is having partners in Rwanda to assist in the day to day tasks that can only be handled in person.  

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