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In 2014 Pastor Boyd and his wife Shirley went to live in Rwanda for six months.  This was part of a partnership that was started in 2006 between churches of Rwanda and Pennsylvania.  While there they got to know and love the kind and generous people of Rwanda. They also became aware of the poverty and many needs of especially students.  There was a boy that would show up at their home throughout the day selling beautiful handcrafted art by his village people. Shirley's cousin asked her why this boy could come so often when he was in school.  They investigated and found he was not in school because he could not afford it. Shirleys cousin became our first sponsor and Patrick continues to go to school.  Boyd became aware of more students and found sponsors for them.  RwandaJOY was thus born as a charity in July of 2016.

Meet our Board

President/Treasurer - Boyd   (better know as dady in Rwanda)

  • Pastor at two country churches in Pennsylvania

  • Art Education degree

  • Has been to numerous times and lived in Rwanda for six months

  • Travels to Rwanda to interview students and visit sponsored students

  • Mentor and spiritual leader to many students

  • Active leader in youth group and vacation Bible school

Vice President - Susan   (know as mama, aunty or grandmother in Rwanda)

  • Retired special education teacher

  • Mentor to students

  • Traveled to Rwanda to interview students and to visit sponsored students

  • Vacation Bible school teacher

  • Choir member

  • Volunteer at church activities

Secretary - Gina

  • Lawyer of family law

  • Choir director

  • Organist

  • Volunteers in church activities

Board member - Bonnie

  • Retired director of career services at Sanford-Brown College

  • Many years of management in women's retail clothing including owning stores

  • Vacation Bible school teacher

  • Choir member

  • Volunteers in many church activities

Board member: Pastor Lea 

Ordination 1990

Minister member of Kiskiminetas Presbytery

Serving Appollo congregation for 10 years

She is involved with helping our Rwandan students by mentoring and advising as well as sponsoring

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