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Rwanda JOY could not provide this much needed opportunity of education to children in Rwanda without the continued support of our sponsors and volunteers.  There are many ways that you can help support Rwanda JOY in this mission.


An education can be considered priceless, it does come at a monetary cost.  Here are some examples of the fees that accompany educating one child:

  • Typical School Fees - $80/month elementary

$200/month secondary

$1200-$5000/year university

  • Room/Board/Incidentals - $80-$200/month

Not only do our students require the above costs for their educational needs, we also help to provide medical assistance for needs that are not met by insurance, such as medications or dental treatments.

While a monthly commitment may not be appropriate for everyone, please know that your donations are making a difference no matter the amount.  

By Mail

Rwanda JOY

PO Box 540

Marienville PA 16239


Sponsor a friend

Help spread the word!

While your financial support is always appreciated, have you considered that just by sharing our information on social media you could help us reach potential new sponsors?  Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram and share our page so your friends and family have the opportunity to connect with children in need!

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